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Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

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Comprehensive Social Welfare Centers in Five Zones

A.Disadvantaged family service:provides individual case management and prevention for disadvantaged and high risk families.
B.Resource management:assists in matching and use of social welfare resources, collects goods donations from civil charities and sets up collecting stations.
C.Counselling services:provides counselling services that are related to social welfare matters.

Center Telephone Jurisdictions
Eastern District Social Welfare Center 886-7-6617464 9 districts: Cishan, Meinong, Neimen, Shanlin, Maolin, Taoyuan, Liouguei, Jiasian and Namasia.
Western District Social Welfare Center 886-7-5852250 5 districts: Zuoying, Nanzih, Sanmin, Sinsing and Cianjin.
Southern District Social Welfare Center 886-7-3759595 7 districts: Fongshan, Niaosong, Renwu, Dashe, Dashu, Daliao and Linyuan.
Northern District Social Welfare Center 886-7-6220733 11 districts: Gangshan, Lujhu, Ciaotou, Tianliao, Yanchao, Zihguan, Alian, Yong'an, Hunei, Mituo and Jiading.
Central District Social Welfare Center 886-7-8121462 6 districts: Cianjhen, Cijin, Lingya, Siaogang, Yancheng and Gushan.