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Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government

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The Bureau Home Office

Division Telephone Responsibilities
Civic Associations Division 886-7-3373673
Civil organizations, community development, co-operation, social welfare foundation, charity fundraising, human rights promotion, various celebrations and other matters.
Social Assistance Division 886-7-3373375
Low income households living assistance, living allowances for low and middle-income seniors, living allowances for the physically and mentally disabled, medical treatment and care assistance, emergency assistance, disaster relief, homeless counseling, national pension insurance subsidies, work relief, affordable housing management, management of public welfare lottery earnings, social relief funding account management, gas explosion private donation account management and other matters.
Senior Citizens’ Welfare Division 886-7-3373377
Safeguarding senior citizens’ rights and interests, leisure, long-term care, transportation allowance, supervision and guidance for the elderly welfare organizations and other welfare matters.
Disabled Welfare Division 886-7-3373386
Safeguarding the physically and mentally disabled’s rights and interests, organization guidance, resources for assistive devices, sign language interpretation, life rebuilding, caregiver allowance, temporary care, home service, settlement service, transportation allowance, housing (parking) subsidies, issuing parking identification certificates and other welfare services.
Children’s Welfare Division 886-7-3373380
Safeguarding children and youths’ rights and interests, maternity and child care subsidies, child minding organization registration and guidance, child minding home service, public daycare centers, community care, disadvantaged child and youth living assistance, medical treatment subsidies and other welfare services.
Women’s Welfare and Protection Service Division 886-7-3373695
Safeguarding women, families with special circumstances and new immigrants’ rights and interests, families with special circumstances emergency relief, sexual harassment prevention, supervision and guidance for the children and youths placement organizations and foster families, advocating gender equality, postpartum home service and other services.
Social Work Division 886-7-3373381
Direct social work service, prevention of children and youths sexual exploitation, children and youths in high risk families’ assistance, volunteer services, social work professional development, social worker professional management, social resources integration and other matters.