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Graduate School of Social Work, Columbia University, U.S.A.
Department of Social Work, Tunghai University, Taiwan.
Director Yao,Yu-Ching


  • Director, the Private New Taipei City Happy Mount Social Welfare Charity Foundation Home for the Disabled.
  • Manager, Community Affairs and Microsoft Giving, Microsoft Corporation, Taiwan Branch.
  • Member of Review Committee, United Way of Taiwan.
  • Part time lecturer, Department of Social Work, College of Social Science, Tunghai University.
  • Senior Secretary of the Premier of the Executive Yuan.
  • Senior Secretary of the Minister's Office, Ministry of the Interior, Executive Yuan.
  • Secretary for General Manager, the Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan.
  • Supervisor/Center Director, Children Are Us Foundation, Taipei Community Care Center.
  • Secretary of Commissioner, Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government.
  • Social Worker, Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government.
  • Social Worker Trainee, Department for the Aging, New York City Government, U.S.A.

Message from the Director

Social welfare work is to serve people, so that they can be attended to and looked after from birth to old age at every stage of their lives. We begin from the needs of people and then observe the demands of the City. We actively plan various social welfare measures, provide distinguished services and have set up multiple service bases in convenient locations. Our social welfare services strive to develop Kaohsiung into a safe, friendly, dignified, livable city that is as warm, as cheerful, and as lively as the sunshine in Kaohsiung.

To encourage citizens to become parents, the Bureau has launched many innovative services in recent years, including providing maternity and child care benefits, setting up public nurseries and child care resource centers, upgrading the quality of community child minding services, supplying friendly services to pregnant women-to-be, offering postpartum home services to new mothers and other services. We are taking action to support and reduce the load of rearing children for families.

Facing the coming trend of our aging society, we have already undertaken our long term care projects including setting up a senior care center in every district and building a North Senior Citizens' Multi Service and Recreation Center. We are starting from dots, and then forming them into a net to set up a comprehensive care network to provide a buoyant environment for seniors, so they can live their lives to the fullest in their sunset years.

Despite the government’s finite resources, society's strength is immense. In the future we will further integrate companies, civil society groups and volunteers to achieve ultimate efficiency, effectiveness and benefits of social services. With our creative thinking and action toward goals, Kaohsiung will be a great city for childbearing, child rearing, living and retirement.